UAPRN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to healthcare for the citizens of Georgia. We support the advancement of the APRN role by addressing and promoting legislative and practice issues.

Learn more about state advocacy, geriatric polypharmacy, travel nursing, inclusivity in nursing, lipid management, dermatologic primary care, e-cigarette and vaping updates, and more. Earn 12 CEUs by completing the virtual summit. Nurses, Lab Technicians, Physical Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals and students are invited to access the virtual presentations and workshops offered during the United for Healthcare Summit which took place on Saturday May 14, 2022. Produced by United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia (UAPRN).

United for Strength and Unity

Two Georgia Statewide Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Organizations Consolidate to Strengthen Advcacy and Unify Efforts to Secure Full Practice Authority for APRNs UAPRN of Georgia

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UAPRN of GA began in 2006 and represents all APRNs (Advanced Practice Registered Nurses) in its promotion of APRN issues relating to legislative and practice areas and to support the advancement of the APRN role. We are a collective voice for all APRN’s in Georgia to promote collaboration and unification. We seek to educate the public regarding advanced nursing practice. We address legislative and political issues related to health care and barriers to advanced nursing practice in Georgia. We advocate for and provide accessible, quality health care for all Georgians. We provide professional role identification and mentorship to nursing colleagues, students, and new APRNs. We are organized to promote, support and perform nursing research that includes practice, management, and legislative issues. JOIN US!

UAPRN State Leadership

Past State President of UAPRN Georgia

Dr. Michelle Alyson Nelson, Ph.D., RN, MS, FNP-BC

Dr. Michelle A. Nelson is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the Georgia State University School of Nursing where she teaches Basic Skills and Health Assessment in the undergraduate program as well as Research, Ethics, and Policy in the graduate programs.

State President of UAPRN Georgia

Ashley Blackmon, MS, CCRN, FNP-C

Ashley Blackmon is a board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner who currently sees advanced heart failure patients. She enjoys this subspecialty because it includes heart transplants as well as multi-disciplinary management. She is passionate about all aspects of healthcare.


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