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Georgia has distinguished itself as being the most restrictive state in the country when it comes to Advanced Registered Nursing practice. One of the greatest reasons for this has been one law stating APRNs cannot order advanced imaging in routine situations without a physician signature. We are proud to announce that through our advocacy efforts this restriction has been lifted! In August, 2020, a bipartisan bill was passed by the State Legislature and signed into law by Governor Kemp.  We are so grateful for the senators who sponsored this bill to repeal the restrictive language: Chuck Hufstetler, Ben Watson, Renee Unterman, and Gloria Butler. The bill was also sponsored in the House by Representatives Alan Powell and Randy Nix. This law is effective starting January 1, 2021. If you order advanced imaging at your practice, make sure your protocol agreement is amended and approved by the Georgia Medical Composite Board so that you can lift restrictions on your practice in the new year! 

For the past decade, legislation has been written to lift this restriction. However, it was not accomplished until this year and was made possible by UAPRN membership dues and support. 

Composite Medical Board:  There is a link on the board for the official amendment of your protocol agreement to include radiographic imaging. In addition, the pdf is included below.

State Bill 321 text and history:

APRN Protocol Agreement Form

APRN Protocol Agreement Addendum Form

SB321 Press Release

SB321 Frequently Asked Questions

January 1st, 2021 a new law went into effect to allow advanced practice registered nurses to order advanced imaging without MD signature. Here are some FAQs about it:

  • How do I now order advanced imaging?
    • You have to file an amendment to your protocol agreement with the Georgia Composite Medical Board. 
  • How much does filing the amendment cost?
    • Nothing. It is free. 
  • Can I still order non-emergent advanced imaging if I don’t file the amendment?
    • No. You must file the amendment. 
  • Can I file the amendment if an associate MD signs it and not my supervising MD?
    • No. It must be signed by your supervising physician. 
  • How often do I have to renew the amendment?
    • You do not have to renew. It is a one-time filing. 
  • Can I use this amendment in another state?
    • No. This is only pertinent to Georgia protocol agreements. 
  • What if my MD refuses to sign it?
    • Then you cannot order advanced imaging in non-life threatening emergencies. 
  • Once I submit the amendment, can I then order advanced imaging?
    • Not until you hear from the Composite Medical Board that your amendment was received and accepted.
  • I am about to graduate. Will I have to send in this amendment with my application and protocol agreement?
    • No. All new protocols sent in after January 1st, 2021 will have this amendment already in them. 

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Official Amendment of Your Protocol Agreement

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