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UNITY TALKS: Unity Talks is the official podcast of United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia. On the podcast we discuss important issues that are effecting nurses everywhere.

Nurses, Lab Technicians, Physical Therapists and other Healthcare Professionals and students are invited to access the virtual presentations and workshops offered during the United for Healthcare Summit which took place on Saturday May 14, 2022.  Produced by United Advanced Practice Registered Nurses of Georgia (UAPRN).

Thank you to our 2021 Transitions Day Sponsors!

Rotary Clubs International

We connect people. Rotary unites more than a million people

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

Foot Solutions

Experts in foot wellness. Board certified specialists (pedorthists) provide a caring service that addresses the foundation of their customers’ health.

Stores are locally owned and operated by members of the community and experienced professionals provide a caring service focused on individual attention and personalized recommendations.

Georgia Nurses Association

Thank you to the Georgia Nurses Association for supporting the 2021 Transitions Day!

Established in 1907, the Georgia Nurses Association is the largest professional association for registered nurses in the State of Georgia. Empowering Georgia nurses to lead change and improve health.

Did you know that SB 321 was passed August, 2020? It will allow APRNs to order advanced radiographic imaging! To find out more information please answer the following questions. An email with all the information you need will be sent directly to you.

2020 Health Symposium

Additional Resources for APRNs & Healthcare

Roth Review

Questions & Explanations. Written and designed to help you understand the core concepts. Questions are just like you’ll see on the actual exam, while explanations and illustrations focus on the essential information.

Medicare in Georgia

Medicare, the U.S. federal medical insurance program, provides coverage for about one million people in Georgia. The average cost for Medicare Part A can reach up to $471 per month, while Part B usually costs about $148 per month. There are 159 Medicare Advantage plans in the state, and Georgians can mix-and-match these plans. Learn more about your Medicare options in Georgia.

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