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UAPRN is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to healthcare for the citizens of Georgia. We support the advancement of the APRN role by addressing and promoting legislative and practice issues.

The following represent the UAPRN-PAC Donation Levels
 Platinum Club: $1,000 and up
 Diamond Club: $500 to $999
• Ruby Club: $250 to $499
• Sapphire Club: $100 to $249
• Emerald Club: $25 to $99

Individual UAPRN members, their family members, and UAPRN chapters may contribute or choose not to contribute. UAPRN will not look upon any member or chapter with favor, or disfavor, based on the amount of the contribution or a decision to not make a contribution.

It is extremely important that if a UAPRN member or the UAPRN chapter desires to pool campaign contributions from members and donates those funds to campaign for or against candidates, ballot initiatives, or legislation- please, please contact the UAPRN-PAC chairperson first!!! He/she will explain that your contribution “packs a much more powerful punch” and will prove to be more effective, sustainable, and memorable if your contribution is from the UAPRN-PAC. The UAPRN-PAC chairperson will include your requested amount on a UAPRN-PAC check. Additionally, the UAPRN-PAC chairperson will include a personal letter on UAPRN-PAC letterhead including the individual names and/or designated UAPRN chapter. In choosing this manner, it provides professional visibility to the UAPRN-PAC, the UAPRN organization, the UAPRN member(s), and the UAPRN chapter!!  
By increasing our visibility in the political arena and being proactive, together we protect the integrity of our profession and improve the healthcare climate for all Georgians.


The UAPRN-PAC accepts individual member contributions made by personal check or credit card. The UAPRN-PAC can accept contributions aggregating up to $5,000 per calendar year from an individual UAPRN member and/or his/her family member.


  1. Contributions by corporations, foreign nationals, and federal contractors are prohibited.
  2. Contributions to the UAPRN-PAC are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.
  3. Federal law requires UAPRN-PAC to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and employer for each individual whose contributions aggregate in excess of $200 in a calendar year.


  1. The organization gets to set the Scope.
    PACs can exist to support candidates of one ideology or many and in a local area or across the country. They can be issues-based or more open, party-centric or party-blind, making large contributions or small. In short, the UAPRN-PAC was begun to represent the needs of its members. Therefore, the UAPRN-PAC can be whatever its members want it to be. However, the UAPRN-PAC committee members can only represent the organization’s members’ wishes if they know what their opinions are on specific issues. This is why your UAPRN-PAC committee is made up of three to five UAPRN members from various UAPRN chapters from around the state. So UAPRN members- speak up and let your voices be heard!!
  2. PACs are long lasting.
    Unlike traditional campaigns, a political action committee is generally in existence for much longer than one cycle. This means that UAPRN members can build an organization and donor structure within their PAC that lasts.
  3. Members can get more members involved.
    UAPRN-PAC has the power to get many more of its members involved and become a real movement. UAPRN-PAC can have a huge networks of leaders (but don’t have to) and can have grassroots as well as fundraising components. The UAPRN-PAC in no way replaces the Coalition of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (CAPRN). In fact, by having a UAPRN-PAC, it actually strengthens and builds upon CAPRN and its goals. UAPRN-PAC does not change the professional relationship that UAPRN and CAPRN have maintained over the years. By maintaining the UAPRN-PAC, it sends a clear message to the public that UAPRN is involved and engaged in the larger political picture which reflect the needs of the advanced practiced registered nurses in Georgia.
  4. They allow UAPRN to think big.
    Trying to make our mark on a specific issue, or in a specific area may seem like a daunting task. The vastness of the political universe may cause UAPRN members to think “small” about what they are trying to accomplish. Having a political action committee will allow UAPRN members to unify their wishes and goals by thinking “big,” on important political issues, thus moving the organization one step closer toward meeting its short term and long term goals.
  5. PACs give its UAPRN members a place at the table.
    The leaders of large, mid-sized, and even some smaller PACs have a great deal of influence. UAPRN is committed to making a difference in Georgia’s healthcare. In order for this to take place, UAPRN must be present, engaged, and involved in the decisions that impact care to all Georgians. The only way that this will take place is for UAPRN to be present at the table where such discussions are occurring and decisions are being made.

For further questions, please contact Ms. Dana Hickman, Chairperson of the UAPRN-PAC at 678-458-0977 or email her at

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